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No. 10220

Lego Creator expert
Volkswagen T1 Camper Van.
Released in October 2011.
1334 pcs.
11.8 inches (30cm) long and 5.5 inches (14cm) high!

Cruise in psychedelic style with this classic
1962 Volkswagen Camper Van, featuring iconic 'splittie'
safari windshield and pop-up roof!

Building instructions

No. 10242

Lego Creator expert
MINI Cooper.
Released in August 2014.
1077 pcs.
4” (11cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide

Experience the iconic MINI Cooper first hand,
with its classic lines, detailed interior and fun picnic theme.

Building instructions

No. 10214

Lego Creator expert
Tower Bridge.
Released in October 2010.
4295 pcs.
Measures over 40" (102 cm) long, 17" (45 cm) high and 10" (26 cm) wide.

Stretch your LEGO® building fun with the world-famous Tower Bridge,
features iconic towers, working drawbridge and red double-decker bus!

Building instructions

No. 10197

Lego Creator expert (Lego Modular Buildings)
Fire Brigade.
Released in September 2009.
2231 pcs.
Measures 14" (35 cm) high and 10" (25 cm) wide!

Build a fully furnished, vintage fire station with highly detailed
‘30s-style fire truck, working garage door, rare LEGO® elements and more!

Building instructions

No. 10211

Lego Creator expert (Lego Modular Buildings)
Grand Emporium.
Released in March 2010.
2182 pcs.
Measures 15" (38cm) high and 10" (25cm) wide!

Enter the Grand Emporium, a spectacularly detailed,
3-story department store, designed in a realistic scale with rare pieces!

Building instructions

No. 10218

Lego Creator expert (Lego Modular Buildings)
Pet Shop.
Released in May 2011.
2032 pcs.
Measures 10" (25.5cm) wide and 10.5" (26.5cm) high!

3-story Pet Shop building and townhouse with full internal and external
detailing is the perfect addition to your LEGO town

Building instructions

No. 10232

Lego Creator expert (Lego Modular Buildings)
Palace Cinema.
Released in March 2013.
2194 pcs.
Measures 15" (38cm) high, 10" (25.5cm) wide, and 10" (25.5cm) deep.

Watch the big premiere at the Palace Cinema, a 2-story collectible with
detailed lobby, big screen theater and 6 reclining minifigure seats!

Building instructions

No. 10243

Lego Creator expert (Lego Modular Buildings)
Parisian Restaurant.
Released in January 2014.
2469 pcs.
Measures over 11” (30cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 9” (25cm) wide.

Serve the guests in the Parisian Restaurant with detailed exterior,
dining room, tiled kitchen, apartment, studio, scooter and lots more!

Building instructions